Right for You?

Understanding the Objectives of Friendship Force

Friendship Force is first, “a culture exchange” for meeting new people throughout the world, to experience and understand their customs as new friends are made. As we understand each other more, tensions and hostilities are replaced with peace and understanding instead of fear and uncertainty. While Friendship Force does not call itself a “travel club”, one may enjoy the side-benefit of the travel experience.

Friendship Force: Is It Right for You?

Friendship Force members enjoy new experiences and believe that friendship can be a catalyst for improved world relations. Key qualifications are a kind heart, love of people, a spirit of adventure, a flexible approach to new situations, and a wish to make new friends. Those who share the principles of The Friendship Force are welcomed as members. Ambassadors, chosen by local committees, pay an all-inclusive fee to travel on an exchange. Our hosts provide hospitality without reimbursement.

You will want to become a Friendship Force member if you like the challenge and excitement of meeting new people and sharing new places and experience, if you believe that friendships among people of different nations and cultures can make the world more peaceful, and if you have a curiosity about the world and enjoy learning about cultures and ways of life.

Friendship Forge Brings People Together

The Friendship Force brings people of the world together through home stay exchanges, creating unforgettable experiences that build lasting bonds of friendship. It is a part of a not-for-profit organization that has sponsored international home stays involving more than half a million volunteer ambassadors and hosts since 1977. There are more than 350 Friendship Force clubs located in nearly 60 countries. New clubs are added every year.

We are not a private travel club. Our mission, “Faces, not Places” is focused on meeting and understanding people. In current times filled with tension and misunderstanding, we believe that simple, personal acts of friendship exert a mighty influence for peace.

Friendship Force Helps to Change the World

We invite you to come to our meetings and join our Friendship Force mission. You can form new friendships with interesting people in your community and around the world, thus helping promote peace. Your simple acts of friendship, kindness and hospitality work to create a better world.

Friendship Force Helps to Exchange Viewpoints

Friendship Force members enjoy traveling to intriguing places. The Friendship Force of Memphis has outbound exchanges every year, typically one foreign exchange and one domestic.

When our hosts welcome us into their homes, they offer us activities that show us their community life and local culture. In sharing friendship, our differences of language, race, creed, or politics become less important.

Although remarkable sightseeing activities are included in many exchanges, and occasionally our exchanges are combined with a commercial tour, our foremost goal is always mutual understanding and friendship.

Also, during the year, we welcome Friendship Force people from around the world into our own homes. We share our family stories and photos, our favorite local places, games, activities, dinners, our neighbors, and our values.