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San Francisco Journey –  March 2017

Colombian Inbound Journey – September 2017

Ukraine “Open World” Project –  March 2018

Crystal Bridges Journey – September 2018

Journey to Bentonville, Arkansas:
Crystal Bridges was founded in 2005 by the Walton Family Foundation as a nonprofit charitable organization for all to enjoy. Philanthropist and arts patron Alice Walton chairs the Museum’s board of directors. The building was designed by world-renowned architect Moshe Safdie and opened to the public on 11-11-11. This journey was a local Memphis chapter event offered to local members who were interested in a short trip, including an overnight stay. Other places of interest were seen around Bentonville, near the Crystal Bridges site.

Bogota Journey – October 2018

Journey to Bogotá Colombia:
22 people altogether from Memphis, Tennessee and the Austin, Texas chapters, traveled as ambassadors to Bogotá, Colombia. A number of places were visited as shown in the following photo gallery. Day 1 (Wed): Began with a trip to the Ministry of Culture of Colombia. Traveling to this event took us through the Plaza de Bolivar, the main central square in Bogotá. Adjacent to the Ministry of Culture is the Museum Santa Clara. We ended the day trip with much fun at the welcoming party put on by the Bogotá host families. Lots of dancing was done by all – Even those who had no skills made their debut dancing “Colombian style”. These people in Colombia are “bred” to dance! Day 2 (Thur): Began with a trip outside Bogotá to a rose farm tour in the town of Toancipa. Near the rose farm, a visit was made to the beautiful church of the Basilica Nuestra Señora de Fatima. Next, lunch at the Universidad de la Sabana. From lunch, the city of Zipaquirá was visited. First, to meet the mayor, and visit city hall. Then, winding up at the very famous Salt Cathedral nearby. Day 3 (Fri): This was a free day with the host families. A primary attraction this day was to visit the Museo de Oro (Gold Museum), or the museo de Fernando Botero, known for his portrayal of subjects being “fat”. Day 4 (Sat): This was a day trip outside of Bogotá to the Villa de Leyva, stopping along the way to visit the monument of Símon Bolivar. Lunch was had at a very nice hotel. Day 5 (Sun): This was another free day with the host family. Some found their way to the crazy “Restuarante de Qudrés Carne de Res”. Halloween must be a big event in Colombia by the antics in this restaurant. Day 6 (Mon): A farewell party given by the host families. No farewell party would be complete without Woody Pierce and his Elvis impersonation. The Colombian ladies loved it! Day 7 (Tue): Departed Bogotá for a four day side trip to Cartagena, not part of the Friendship Force travels.