Mission Statement / About US

Our mission is to promote global understanding across the barriers that separate people. Each individual can make a       contribution to global goodwill. The Friendship Force worldwide network of clubs and individuals seeks to overcome differences among people and nations.


Friendship Force of Memphis was formed in 1982. Many of our charter members are active contributors to our club. Most are experienced in traveling and hosting. Friendship Force of Memphis has hosted friends from all over the world, having hosted 50 incoming “Journeys”. We normally host one international Journey, and 1-2 domestic Journeys, yearly.


Every friendship formed across the barriers of nationality, language, religion or politics makes the world a better place.


A non-profit cultural organization focused on promoting understanding, cultural education and citizen diplomacy through home-stay journeys and personal friendships. Through these exciting personal encounters, strangers become friends – and we know that by experiencing different views, you can discover common ground.

Friendship Force International conducts over 300 programs every year, in over 350 communities throughout more than 60 countries. Our programs bring diverse people together into each other’s cultures and homes to share one-of-a-kind experiences not available to regular tourist. When you travel or host with the Friendship Force, you get to know real people by sharing real life. Friendships are formed that often last a lifetime.


Our unique Friendship Force Journey provides international travelers with opportunities to be hosted by local people, and to be treated to a local experience in places around the world, seeing the world through other people’s eyes.


Friendship Force members are ordinary people like you, living all over the world, who are eager to welcome you into their culture and their life, sharing insights and experiences that are not available to tourist. By sharing experiences, a home, meals and conversations, we believe we can reach a new level of understanding among the human family.