Our Travels

A Typical Journey

Depending on the desires of the inbound Ambassadors, we create unique Journeys that reflect the history and culture of the Mississippi River.

A Welcome party is planned for arriving Ambassadors. There is much activity for each Journey in the downtown area. Memphis music is highlighted. A visit to Graceland is usually planned as well as a trip to Rock ā€˜nā€™ Soul Museum.

Free time is included in our Journeys. Usually one-half day for shopping or personal pursuits in shorter Journeys, and two half-days for longer ones. No official Friendship Force activities are planned for Sundays. Daily activities usually begin at 10:00 a.m. and conclude at 4:00-5:00 p.m.

Typically, there are dinner parties planned for one night. One evening is designated for Ambassadors to treat hosts to dinner. Journeys in late May might include a Sunset Symphony and fireworks. River cruises are available in months when weather is favorable. Favorite times of year to host are March-May in the Spring and late September-October in the Fall.

We close the Journey and say goodbye to new friends at a Farewell Party. We delight in showing visitors our city, with its many trees and open, green spaces, beautiful churches and communities.


Be hosted by a local family for an immersive cultural experience.


Join or host a professional development program in or from another country, such as our Open World Leadership Program.

Language Learning

Take language classes along with your international homestay.

Humanitarian and Environmental

Learn about the environment or participate in volunteer projects as you travel the world.

Active and Outdoors

Enjoy a travel program themed around hiking, cycling, rowing and more.

Teachers and Students

Participate in learning and development trips designed for youth, students and educators.

Food and Drink

Experience a travel program themed around winemaking, cooking, pubs and more.